Mobile Software Engineer Level 2 |   aaeaaqaaaaaaaaqxaaaajgm5nge1oty3ltewztytndrmzi1iy2nhltdimdkwyjm0nza5zq

2016 June – current

Part of the android team bringing you the autoTrader mobile app experiences.

Lead Software Engineer | Assembly Co.  aaeaaqaaaaaaaareaaaajgfjyta4owewltlmzdqtndq0ni04nzkwlthknwqzyzy2zjg5yq

2015 July – 2016 June

Lead Developer at Assembly Co. Currently, lead a small team of programmers on Android and iOS mobile projects.


Contract Software Engineer | Assembly Co.  


2013 October – 2015 July

Full-time contract through DT Web Solutions. Was the first programmer to work at Assembly Co. A software graphic design company focused on mobile and the web.


  • ChowNow Android Application – wrote the android template code that is used in chownow mobile applications.
  • ChowNow iOS and Android Build Automation –  tools for updating and distributing new mobile apps.
  • Minimlist an internal Assembly Co. Design project. (Android Application.)

Junior Game Developer | Nerd Corps Entertainment 147c7eb

2012 July – 2013 July

Flash Developer for 2D action games. Working with the Box2D physics engine.

Helped integrate Disney XD website API by deadline when I started the job. This was Nerd Corps first game to be on Disney’s website and would become the #1 game for 2 months on the US website.

Sound Engineer, Audio Programmer, and Music Composer for Flash and iOS game projects


Freelance Web Developer |

2011 – 2012 July

PHP Developer for:

IT Support, Programmer | Northern Building Supply

2005 – 2012 July

IT Support for computer hardware, software, and internal network structure

C# .net Developer for interfaces over UNIX based sales and inventory software

Java Developer for lumber quoting software

PHP Developer for

As the System Analyst helped maintain and configure Profit Master UNIX based business software. Was there when it came online in 2005




2012 Certificate: Web and Mobile Application Development (with honors)

2011 Certificate: Applied Web Development (with honors)

2010 Certificate: Applied Software Development (with honors)

 Vancouver Art Institute/Center for Digital Imaging and Sound

2003 Diploma: Recording Arts Masters Program / Music Flow

2002 Diploma: Recording Arts Music

2001 Certificate: Recording Arts Foundation

Computer Skills


Proficient in: PHP, Java, C#, ActionScript, JavaScript, C++, Objective C (iPhone Development), Node.js, Swift

Familiar with: Ruby, C, Python, Java (android development)


Proficient in: Ajax, HTML5, XHTML, CSS 3, XML, JSON, Regex, Web Based Payment Gateways, HTTP, FTP, OOP, MVC

Familiar with: Apache Mod Rewrite, RESTful APIs, MXML, XSLT, XML Schema, XML DTD, Soap, web services


Proficient in: Yii PHP web development framework, jQuery, FlashPunk ActionScript game development framework, Box2D

Familiar with: Prototype JavaScript framework, Ruby on Rails, Cake and Igniter PHP frameworks


Web Servers: Admin of Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft IIS

Databases: MySQL (phpMyAdmin and command line), MSSQL, MongoDB

IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Flash Develop, Dreamweaver, Geany, XCode

Digital Audio Workstations: Sonar, Logic, Cubase, ProTools

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux